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Heaven is under our feet, as well as on our heads.

Ecologic bed and breakfast

Our mission has always been to respect the environment around us because it is the most precious thing we have. This is why in our bed and breakfast we adopt 360 ° ecological solutions for the production of what the structure needs. We have state-of-the-art solar panels and when we do not have the sun, we heat it all with wood and cook everything on the CO2 zero budget.

Il Tiglio is the only B & B in VCO that adopts technologies in total respect for the environment

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Biomass plant

Thermo-kitchens are devices that can perform more functions. Being in effect the boilers, they allow to produce domestic hot water and to heat the house, if they are connected to the heating system. They also serve as a hob and are often also equipped with a built-in oven. From them they have the advantage of being an excellent piece of furniture adaptable to the most diverse contexts, thanks to the many models on the market. In addition, they allow you to cook food naturally, using a renewable energy source. Looking at the quality of combustion, a thermo-kitchen does not have much to envy to a wood-fired boiler: the presence of combustion air regulation systems ensures high yields, higher than 70%. In many models there is a secondary entrance for the air, able to trigger a post-combustion that increases the energy yield and improves the environmental quality of the fumes leaving the chimney. The ability to set and control functions and temperatures, through a control panel, make the modern thermo-kitchens appliances simple to manage.

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Photovoltaic system

The main components of a photovoltaic system connected to the network are:

  • campo fotovoltaico, deputato a raccogliere energia mediante moduli fotovoltaici disposti opportunamente a favore del sole.
  • Connection cables, often underestimated, must have adequate resistance to UV rays and temperatures.
  • Field panel, DC panel made up of possible blocking diodes to protect against possible inverse currents on the strings, surge arresters and magneto-thermal switches and / or fuses to protect the cables from overloads.
  • Inverter, deputed to stabilize the energy collected, to convert it into alternating current and inject it into the network.
  • Interface panel, installed downstream of the inverter and equipped with components necessary for interfacing with the electrical network according to the technical standards in force. (the reference standard is CEI 0-21 for BT and CEI 0-16 for MT)


eco b&B

Solar thermal system

A solar thermal system is composed of a panel, a coil placed inside the boiler and the connecting pipes. A pump, called the circulator, allows the transfer of the heat collected by the fluid, in this case propylene glycol, to the coil placed inside the boiler. The circuit is considerably more complex, having to provide an expansion vessel, a temperature control and other components, and has an electrical consumption due to the pump and the control unit, but has a much higher thermal efficiency, since the boiler is placed inside and therefore less subject to thermal dispersion during the night or to adverse weather conditions.